All About Hoppecke Car Batteries

Hoppecke 24hr Car Battery Replacement Singapore

Hoppecke car batteries are a sure find when you are seeking a battery for a car battery replacement. Since 1927 when the company was formed, it has constantly been in the news for major achievements in the automotive battery world. If you are a fan of AMARON batteries or you have heard about them, you may be pleased to know that Hoppecke is also under operation by Johnson Controls who co-owns AMARON as well.

Despite their relative popularity, Hoppecke car batteries are not very easily had online. At The Battery Shop, we have that covered, with a ready supply. We will even come to you at a time and place of your convenience to install it.


Among the types in stock are EFB batteries. They are enhanced are to improve charge acceptance and last for longer cycles even when functioning with a diminished level of charge. They are designed especially for start/stop systems and provide reliably high performance.

So, operate your electronics in your car equipped with start/stop system when the engine is ‘off’, without worry. The EFB technology will let your vehicle’s electronic devices remain powered, and still allow you to start your engine and go in the blink of an eye.

All our car batteries are covered by warranty and qualify for 1 for 1 replacement in case of manufacturing defects.  This 1 for 1 replacement is subject to certain Term & Conditions. Schedule your visit to install Singapore’s leading car battery brand in your vehicle today.

Latest 2023 * HOPPECKE Car Battery Price List

EFB B24 (65B24L)55AH
EFB D23 (90D23l)65AH
EFB D26 (100D26L)70AH