The services you receive are just as important as the products you purchase. That is why we at The Battery Shop offer high quality, relevant services to accompany our top-notch product offering.  We are constantly expanding our services to meet the needs of you, our customers, so we offer car battery replacement services wherever you need them. Here is what you can expect.


Onsite Emergency Car Battery
(Delivery & Installation)

If your car can’t start and your car battery is over a year old, you may need a new car battery. Sadly, you don’t get to choose when or where your car battery will fail. It could fail you on the way to a very important meeting or on the way home from work. It could fail you in the morning or in the dead of night.

Don’t worry The Battery Shop will come to your rescue no matter where in Singapore you are or what time it is. In fact, we have teams deployed all over Singapore to ensure that we are by your side in the shortest possible time. We treat all your distress calls as emergencies.

At the time of your call, we clearly communicate with you to ascertain the problem. After which, we provide you with a realistic estimated time of arrival (ETA) so you will be aware of the time to expect us. We also communicate our extremely competitive cost information to you. As soon as we have come to an agreement, a response team is dispatched.

Upon arrival, we ensure that the car battery is indeed the cause of your car trouble. After which, we explain the car battery service process and go about completing it in as little as 10 minutes.

If your car battery stops working before the warranty expires because of a fault in its Manufacturing Defect, we respond at any place in Singapore to change your car battery 1-FOR-1 without added charge. (Refer to our warranty T&C)

Call The Battery Shop now at +65 8166-4455 and we will immediately come to your rescue with a brand new car battery.


Proactive Car Battery
(Delivery & installation)

You don’t have to wait until your battery fails you to change it. You can schedule a visit at a time and place convenient to you. We test your car battery and replace it if it will soon become necessary. As a result of this, you never have to face the anxiety and frustration that goes with not being able to start your car because of a failed car battery.

To schedule this service, call The Battery Shop or come into our shop.

Before we get started, we will ensure that you understand what we are going to do. During the replacement of the car battery, we also put measures in place to protect your electronics and maintain their settings. After the car battery service has been successfully completed, we test the alternator in your car to ensure that it is functioning as it should and let you know if it is not. We are also open to answering any questions you may have about your car battery and offer you maintenance tips and advice

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