All About SAIL Car Batteries

Sail 24hr Car Battery Replacement Singapore

Looking around for a reliable brand for your car battery replacement? Sail car battery is the next and upcoming band who provides a whole range of Sealed Maintenance Free car batteries. Manufactured by Fengfan in China.

We all know that the Chinese made things are unique and well made, and they always come up with innovative ideas. Sail car batteries are manufactured by Fengfan which is top car battery manufacturers in China and is also a partner for car brands like Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. So there is no doubt in durability and reliability of Sail car batteries. The batteries are maintenance free with advanced silver technology and high cranking power which starts the engine even in weather extremes.

It's good to know that they own about 20 percent market share in China. Additionally in details, Fengfan, Sail car battery are also the OEM partner for carmakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen in China. These cars come factory-fitted with Sail batteries, just like how cars in Europe come factory-fitted with Varta batteries.

Have you checked your car battery lately? Let us, at The Battery Shop, do it for you. Schedule a visit for a time and place convenient to you or purchase a brand new Sail Car Battery and let us install it for you.

All our car batteries are covered by warranty and qualify for 1 for 1 replacement in case of manufacturing defects.  This 1 for 1 replacement is subject to certain Term & Conditions. Schedule your visit to install Singapore’s leading car battery brand in your vehicle today.

Latest 2021 * Sail Car Battery Price List

DIN 4444AH
DIN 60/6260/62AH
DIN 74/7574/75AH
DIN 85/9085/90AH
DIN 100100AH