V is for Varta (Guide book)

Knowledge 1

A car battery
1) Provide power to start an engine
2) Provide additional power in the event of insufficient electrical supply
3) Acts as a voltage stabilizer for all electrical components


Knowledge 2

As a rule of thumb, a battery with a higher ampere-hour(AH) is likely to increase the life-span of the battery. This will also improve the performance of the car as less charging (by the alternator) is required.

Knowledge 3

Most vehicles with good alternators should provide a charging range of 13.8V to 14.5V. An underperforming alternator will lead to premature failure of the car battery. It is recommended that you check your alternator and starter everytime you change your car battery.

Knowledge 4

Over-charging occurs when a faulty alternator charges the battery excessively. as a result, The lifespan of the battery may be reduced as the electrolyte evaporates rapidly and you might need a car battery replacement earlier then it should be.

Knowledge 5

Undercharging occurs if the alternator operates in the region of 13.6V – 13.8V. This may also shorten the lifespan of the battery.

Knowledge 6

Deep cycling occurs when continual full discharged of battery, also known as deep cycling, will affect the life-span of the battery and reduce the ability of the battery to store electricity. For example, repeated use of motorized door while the engine is switched off.

Knowledge 7

The battery, together with the starter and alternator, are subjected to wear and tear over time. conducting a regular check on the electrical system of the vehicle to detect any electrical leaks can help to prevent premature failure in the battery.

Knowledge 8

Car manufacturers design the capacity of the alternator based on both the capacity of the engine and the needs of the standard electrical components (EG.) audio systems, GPS ETC). the battery is used to supply additional electrical power should the alternator fail to generate sufficient electricity. therefore, one should consider upgrading the capacity of the battery should there be new electrical components (EG winch system) added to the vehicles.