We offer car battery replacement as one of our core services. However, in our bid to serve all road users better, we decided to add another service. Whenever you are facing a flat or punctured Tyre you can call The Battery Shop. We repair your car Tyre if possible and replace it if not. Our Tyre repair services are affordable and available to you wherever in Singapore you are at whatever time of day or night.

Issues with your car Tyre, just like battery defects, can have various causes. Your car Tyre could be punctured if you run over a nail, hit the Kerb or a ditch or if the inner tubes are worn. The car Tyre may also be expired or have manufacturing faults.

Can your car Tyre be repaired?

The reason for your puncture will play a role in determining whether repairing your car Tyre is an option or not. Additionally, the earlier you discover the puncture, the better. If you discover the puncture as soon as it occurs your chances of a successful repair are higher than if you discover it after driving for a while.

Driving with a punctured car Tyre further damages the Tyre. It distorts the shape and if you drive long enough, the sidewalls will crack. Run Flat car Tyre will give you about 30 km of a tolerable ride. After that, you had better change the car Tyre yourself, get someone else to do it or Call The Battery Shop.

Why call The Battery Shop?

When you call us, we will send the Tyre Repair/Replacement mechanic closest to you. Generally, it will take under 30 minutes for assistance to get to you. When our repair personnel get there, they will check your car Tyre and inform you of any issues with them. After the assessment, you will be advised as to whether repairing the flat Tyre makes sense. If it is repairable, the repairs are done on site. Our car Tyre repair process usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.

If the car Tyre is not repairable, we assist you with changing to your spare Tyre. If you do not have a spare Tyre or if your spare Tyre is not roadworthy, we will either change on the spot or loan you a Temporary Tyre so that you are able to get to a Tyre shop to purchase a new replacement. As soon as you have made the replacement, that Tyre should be returned to us.

What are your other options?

Option #1 – Call a tow truck

We don’t really recommend this option. For one, you run the risk of damaging your car’s body kit. Additionally, the waiting time and the cost to get your car home or to the nearest Tyre repair shop is most times not worth it and a lot more than if you had called for Mobile Tyre assistance.

Option #2 – Change the Tyre yourself

If you have the time, the right equipment and the know-how, then this is a good option. However, without the right equipment and the knowledge, you could damage your vehicle or injure yourself.

Option #3 – Get assistance from passers-by

However, if the person assisting you does not have the proper equipment or knowledge about it, they should not attempt to dismantle the wheel from the vehicle. They'll do more bad than good to the vehicle as you might have the risk of dropping the vehicle to the ground and cause more damage, or maybe end up injuring him or you.

Option #4 – Drive to the nearest Tyre shop.

This is a definite no-no. Do not risk yourself and other road users by driving to the nearest Tyre Shop on your flat Tyre, you may ruin your chances of a repair being successful or you might Damage/Warp your rims or even causes an accident. Driving with a Flat Tyre can cause the Tyre to dislodge from the rim. Please try not to do this if not you'll end up paying more than what you actually needed to pay!

For answers to any other questions you may have, you can visit our FAQS.

Reminder To All Car Owners.

If you encounter Flat Punctured Tyre please do not drive any further. The following below are customers that try to travel to the nearest Tyre shop for a replacement which ends up spending much more than expected!